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Professional, Personalized Reflexology and Reiki Treatments

Sharon Muranaka, Board Certified Reflexologist and Certified Medical Reiki Master, located in Sykesville, Maryland, believes the goal of a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner is to assist the body in rebalancing and healing itself naturally. By focusing on the body's flow of energy through Reiki and the body's systems and organs through Reflexology, an environment for healing is created resulting in deep relaxation, revitalization and homeostasis.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary modality that involves using thumb and finger techniques to apply alternating pressure to reflexes located on the feet, hands and outer ears. These zones and reflex areas correspond to all internal organs and systems of the body. This scientific art results in stress reduction, which causes a physiological change in the body.​ Reflexology can bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. It has been shown to be beneficial for hormonal imbalances, menopause, back pain, migraines, headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, arthritis and stress related disorders.

Medical Reiki

As a Certified Medical Reiki Master, Sharon has been trained by Raven Keyes to provide Reiki for patients in the OR during surgery, patients in chemo suites, mothers giving birth, seriously ill patients, those in hospice care, and in many other medical settings.

Reiki, (ray-key), is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. An ancient "hands on" technique, Reiki is gentle universal life energy that flows through the practitioner's hands and addresses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances in the energy centers of the recipient's body​. Reiki promotes natural balance in the mind, body and spirit. It increases energy levels, creates deep relaxation, clears the mind and increases focus, accelerates the body's self healing ability and helps the body release stress and tension.

More and more scientific, evidence-based research is being conducted to assist in proving the efficacy of Reiki when administered to patients who are undergoing medical procedures.

Creating The Right Environment for Healing

We provide personalized, customized care in a private, confidential, professional environment. In addition, we offer a wide range of services to restore, rejuvenate and promote an overall healthier body and mind, including:

  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy work
  • Holistic health
  • Integrative health
  • Insomnia relief
  • Menopausal relief
  • Migraine/headache relief
  • Pain management
  • Poor circulation
  • Stress reduction
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